Off to Portobello!


There is one thing I truly love about my husband, Mark. Apart from the fact he leaves the toilet seat down, will get me a drink whenever I’m thirsty (day or night), is great at washing up AND puts up with my mood swings… He will come with me to any fashion/textile/shopping related expedition I want to go on. He won’t even moan; but be supportive and encourage me to buy things! What a perfect man.

So today we went to Portobello Road to hunt out some quirky things. Found some great lace stalls and masses of vintage, some cheap as chips but others very pricey! I love it when expensive items are mixed with deals, it makes it that much more fun when you find something you love that’s the cheapest item on the stall.

We love the fact that the southern end of the road makes us feel like we’re back in Brighton with its brightly coloured houses. (I have a miniture obsession with that place – in fact going for a few days with my mum [girls shopping trip] at the end of Feb..!)



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