Ruffles: Borne by Elise Berger

Simplicity and femininity, my favourite combination in Spring collections.

Borne by Elise Berger. I love that the only detailing in this collection is ruffles. They are placed within the clothes such that they don’t in any way overcrowd the outfit, but add give them a beautiful feminine edge. If this collection was without the ruffles, it would be nothing to write home about at all. Elise Berger has excellently balanced her first collection with simple colour and fabric manipulation. Love!

Borne’s Beliefs:

‘On the journey from idea through production each of our pieces is nurtured with love and passion. Borne clothes are very personal items that you feel innately comfortable in and can be worn anytime, anywhere. We want to pass our garments on to people who value quality and attention to detail and will care for them like we do.’


Every garment is lovingly made and sent with this necklace/bracelet, how cute!

Visit Bourne’s website here


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