Biba at House of Fraser

Remember Biba? It’s back! And it’s beautiful!

Biba started life as a mail order company created by husband and wife duo Barbara Hulanicki and Stephen Fritz-Simon. Biba then opened its first store in 1964 on Abingdon Road, Kensington. Biba’s individual and fresh approach to fashion soon became synonymous with the coolest fashionistas. Biba moved to Derry & Toms seven floor department store in 1974 and became a Mecca for all things fashionable. It was the place to be and the place to be seen. Unfortunately, due to money issues, Biba had to close its doors in 1974.

Now it’s back! The Biba brand has been reworked to keep it true to its roots but right for a modern audience. Here are a few snaps from the Biba website:

Love the scalloped dresses, feather jackets, sequins and luxurious fabrics. They’re available to buy at House of Fraser. A little pricey, but gorgeous!

Here are my favourites from the collection, enjoy!


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