Kate Moss for Longchamp – Faraway

Kate Moss is no longer designing for Topshop and but is still designing for Longchamp and has recently released a range of handbags for Spring Summer 2011.

They have created a beautiful boho-chic movie ‘Faraway’ showcasing the latest designs with Kate, clearly inspired and driven by the 70s trends this season. Kate is wearing a delight of outfits; long bell-sleeved dresses, over-sized shirts and crochet trimmed dresses. All very Biba! The tambourine scenes are a little over-the -top-70s for me, but you’ve got to love it anyway. I especially love the soundtrack by Nancy Sinatra, it fits wonderfully with the misty shots of Kate.kate_moss_longchamp_nhude

Here are a few of the Longchamp handbags from this collection: Do you think they fit the style of the movie?kate_moss_longchamp_nhude

Which is you favourite? Mine’s got to be number 1. A great bright beach bag for a summer holiday!



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