Hillsong Colour Conference 2011

I had an amazing weekend at the Hillsong Colour Conference. I absolutely loved everything about it; the speakers, the music, the heart behind the conference and I especially loved all the imagery used to promote it. I wanted to share it with you!

Bobbie Houston (the founder of Hillsong Church and Colour) says that Colour is.. ‘a gathering that brings women into an environment that actually believes in them. It is about believing in the potential of women. I think when you capture and mobilise the feminine heart – there is no end of amazing endeavor that women can accomplish and be involved in.’

Here are images from the beautiful brochure!

One Love – is the love of God. Unashamedly this is about the love of God reaching into humanity bringing solution.

One Heart – is one heart beating together, in sync. A heart to roll up our sleeves, to not just be aware of some of the problems on the earth, but also to be committed to do something about it!

One Sisterhood – although it is One Sisterhood, the Sisterhood is broad and diverse. It involves women in our own backyard, but it also embraces women from far and wide. The Colour Sisterhood is a local Sisterhood and a global Sisterhood. Sometimes we can be enamoured with the global and foreign fields where there is great need, but in reality those fields are “someone’s local”. Every single one of us has a “local” to be responsible for … And this is a strong message on the conference. Yes, we have some strategic God given global partnerships, because together we can do more than we can individually… BUT we all have local communities full of local needs to pay attention to.


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