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Loving Lucy In Disguise

I am LOVING Lucy In Disguise! Good job Lily and Sarah. I wanted to share their videos with you, they make dressing up look great!


The Midi Dress – Then & Now

Fabulous Photography

Latest inspiration: beautiful vintage inspired photographs of adoring couples. Why? Because I wish I had taken them myself. Yes, I’m jealous!

Note to self: take camera everywhere I go and don’t be afraid to capture strangers.

Ballet = 2011. Part 8

Ballet Inspires Vintage

It’s the final post for ballet week! I hope this week has been inspiring… please give me any feedback!

In a couple of days I’m off to Brighton to do some hunting/finding/gathering of some vintage treasures! This week has been much about sourcing inspiration for myself as it has been to share with you.. I just wanted to leave you with this fantastic film trailer from the movie ‘The Red Shoes’ (1948). It has ballet and vintage all tangled up in one! The story goes… A young ballet dancer is torn between the man she loves and her pursuit to become a prima ballerina. I absolutely love the narration; full of memories from old history lessons of World War Two videos! My favourite scene (starts at 1:24) is when Vicky’s lover, Julien, says ‘but you love that more’ followed by a strangely over dramatic sound effect. Made me giggle! You’ve gotta love old movies.

P.S. First video I’ve posted… go me!

I Heart Lace

I absolutely LOVE lace. It also seems to be everywhere at the moment. On the edge of sleeves, covering jackets, seaming cushions and exploding off dresses. (Poking about in H&M yesterday I found an incredible 3D lace dress, will put it on here when they get it on their site..!)

Lace is all over Vogue too. I just had a quick flick through March whilst at work (naughty) and it was rammed full. I love it! Nude + lace = My Heaven. I am desperate to find some vintage lace dresses and do them up!

Here are a few lace snapshots from my favourite blogs/websites:

Images from: grey likes weddings, green wedding shoes, vintage wedding dress company, fashion toast